Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Camelbak Bottles

Now, we just be talkin' about our love for Nalgene, but you know what? They ain't the only players in the colorful plastic bottles for holding your Vodka disguised as water game. The peeps famous for throwing juice on your back are out with their own solution cum special dispenser.

Gently bite down on that nipple, suck, and bathe your tongue in all that is good in this world.

But what Geordie really likes about these bottles, besides biting their nipples, is the fact that the war that is his desk doesn't get contaminated by the Emergen-C water he's drinking from this sippy cup. No spills! AND that's not all folks. The nipple holding cap also fits Nalgene bottles. Damn.

Available in 3 sizes (1.0 liter, 0.75 liter, and 0.5 liter) and a multitude of colors. Plus, their web site rocks. Good job Camelbak.


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