Wednesday, January 24, 2007

guyotdesigns SplashGuard

Now you know I be lovin' my Nalgene bottle like the rest of yall. I even love its wide mouth. But you know, sometimes you just need a smaller mouth to easily drink from it. So, with that in mind, these crazy peeps over at guyotdesigns are throwing down these SplashGuards that do just that. Now, I gots me one of these and my Nalgene do be making me more happy. I can drink from it, as like I were human. Meaning, no splashing myself in the bathroom, I mean at me desk, mate.

Let's be straight, they even put in a rear entrance to provide for improved refilling. It can take the full flow of the local water dispenser, mad style, I was impressed.

But yo, it can get it a little funky if you don't wash it often, just like your Nalgene, so take cares of its. And it will takes cares of yous.


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