Friday, May 30, 2008

Merkur Hefty Classic

After years of shaving with 3 or more blades, I've decided to go back to the classic safety razor.

Tons of sites recommended the Merkur, from Solingen, Germany.
Solingen is famous for it's cutlery so, I knew I was not going to go wrong.

I ordered from and 3 days later, I had pretty much the best shave ever.

I bought some extra blades, additional Merkurs and I decided to try the Japanese brand Feather. Feathers are reputedly the sharpest razors in the market.

Small packages of 10 blades will run you about US$5.00. Insanely cheap compared to the modern 3+ bladed and some even vibrating models... the actual razor will last a lifetime and run you about US$30.00.

Do yourself and the environment a favor. Get yourself a real razor.


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