Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oceanic's Atom

Oceanic's Atom is a serious watch.
The Atom is a dive watch. It will wirelessly give you details on ratios, dive time, depth, psi... all the information you need on a dive. You can also upload details to your PC using the data port.

I haven't tapped into the complete functionality of this watch.

Currently I only use 5 Function Modes
  1. Standard Time in 24 Hour Mode
  2. Travel Time in 24 Hour Mode
  3. Daily Alarm
  4. Timer
  5. Stopwatch
Function modes can be cycled through using the button at the 10 position.

The watch face is divided into thirds.
  1. Top displays the day.
  2. Middle displays the month/date and seconds
  3. Bottom displays the time.
All the basic functions can be easily assessed due to the layout and large display. There is a blue backlight that can be turned on for a few seconds with the button at the 4 position.

The Atom is encased in rubber, the bracelet is pliable and comfortable.
The buttons press down with more effort, probably due to the need of the water proof seals. There is also a small led, at the 9 position. It softly glows red when an alarm is activated.

Since I acquired the Oceanic Atom, my Suunto Vector has been playing second string.


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