Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shure SCL2-CL

Update: 20080809

My Shure SCL2-CL have finally broken in. It took about 3 days, of regular use and 3 nights of overnight play.

One the 4th day, I put them on, hit "play" and the sound was just incredible.
The bass is just perfect as is the treble.
I did play around with the custom fittings and settled in with the small black pieces.

These really kick ass.

Cable housing seems more pliant. Time will show if Shure improved on the cracking issue.

My old Shure E2Cs finally ate it.
Plagued with a well documented peeling issue with the wiring housing.

I tried to fix it myself, with electrical tape with no success. Second effort was with liquid electrical tape. The sophomore effort was good, but then the cracking and peeling just occurred elsewhere along the wiring.

I filled out the forms, no RMA required, sent it out and in a few days, received an email response letting me know the replacement SCL2-CLs are on the way.

Shure is incredible with their customer service... 2 year guarantee.

I'll post an update when I receive them.


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