Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nikon SB 800

I just received Nikon's SB 800. I have a few days to learn and experiment with this this before my friends wedding on August 2.
Thankfully, there are tons of tutorials available on the web.
I'll update more after the shoot.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gerber Infinity Ultra

I had an original CMG Infinity, lost it, now replaced with this Gerber version.
The quality of the build is good. Light is bright enough for minor tasks.
The on-off switch is triggered with the twist of the knurled knob in the back of the unit.
You can adjust the knob to the sweet spot and actuate a momentary on/off with a push of your thumb.

The recessed LED is non-adjustable and is deep enough to provide adequate protection.

The clip is tight and will scratch the finish of this torch. I moved mine back, so the contact point of the clip is on the knurled part of the switch.

I have not yet replaced the single AA battery.

This is part of my EDCs.

Leatherman's Skeletool CX

The Skeletool CX is my new edc. It has everything I would need walking around the streets of San Francisco.
  1. Pliers
  2. CM154 Combo Blade
  3. Bit driver & bit holder
  4. Bottle opener
I normally don't like combo blades, but the CM154 steel will hold the edge longer than the standard Skeletool's blade. Don't go for the carbon fiber aspect of this tool. It's only the bit holder that's carbon fiber. I think it's more for aesthetics more than function.

It does not have the functionality nor as comfortable in the hand as my Leatherman Charge.
For a basic every day carry, it works perfectly.

Oceanic's Atom

Oceanic's Atom is a serious watch.
The Atom is a dive watch. It will wirelessly give you details on ratios, dive time, depth, psi... all the information you need on a dive. You can also upload details to your PC using the data port.

I haven't tapped into the complete functionality of this watch.

Currently I only use 5 Function Modes
  1. Standard Time in 24 Hour Mode
  2. Travel Time in 24 Hour Mode
  3. Daily Alarm
  4. Timer
  5. Stopwatch
Function modes can be cycled through using the button at the 10 position.

The watch face is divided into thirds.
  1. Top displays the day.
  2. Middle displays the month/date and seconds
  3. Bottom displays the time.
All the basic functions can be easily assessed due to the layout and large display. There is a blue backlight that can be turned on for a few seconds with the button at the 4 position.

The Atom is encased in rubber, the bracelet is pliable and comfortable.
The buttons press down with more effort, probably due to the need of the water proof seals. There is also a small led, at the 9 position. It softly glows red when an alarm is activated.

Since I acquired the Oceanic Atom, my Suunto Vector has been playing second string.

Shure SCL2-CL

Update: 20080809

My Shure SCL2-CL have finally broken in. It took about 3 days, of regular use and 3 nights of overnight play.

One the 4th day, I put them on, hit "play" and the sound was just incredible.
The bass is just perfect as is the treble.
I did play around with the custom fittings and settled in with the small black pieces.

These really kick ass.

Cable housing seems more pliant. Time will show if Shure improved on the cracking issue.

My old Shure E2Cs finally ate it.
Plagued with a well documented peeling issue with the wiring housing.

I tried to fix it myself, with electrical tape with no success. Second effort was with liquid electrical tape. The sophomore effort was good, but then the cracking and peeling just occurred elsewhere along the wiring.

I filled out the forms, no RMA required, sent it out and in a few days, received an email response letting me know the replacement SCL2-CLs are on the way.

Shure is incredible with their customer service... 2 year guarantee.

I'll post an update when I receive them.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shun Classic 8" Chef's Knife

Many of my friends know how I normally have a small pocket knife or a multi-tool with me.
It's natural for me to buy one for kitchen use.
I to purchase a good quality Japanese kitchen knife.

Shun is the favorite of Good Eats, Alton Brown. I later discovered he his own line. I'm not a big fan of the angle Alton's line has.

My 8" Chef's knife fits perfectly in my hand. It feels like an extension.
The pakkawood handle is hand specific because of the ergonomic bolster.
If you're a lefty, you need to special order that style.

It is scary sharp, but soon, you'll feel comfortable using it.
It's always beem a saying that a sharp knife is a safe knife.

Nau Succintshell

I just received and I am very happy with my purchase from Nau.

I selected the Succintshell Jacket. It's perfect for our weather here in San Francisco year round. Just remember it's important to dress in layers here.

I'm pretty impressed with the design details of this jacket.
The soft fabric that covers the zipper that might contact your neck and chin. The wrist holes are elliptical, more fabric on the outside edge. The many cords that will adjust the jackets fit. The seams are all taped.

Nau is undergoing some growing pains but not out for the picture. They are placing the remaing current line on sale for 50% off.

I can't say enough about this company. I'm glad they are still going to be around.